Unblock Me

We take unauthorized attempts to email and websites seriously and have tight firewall rules in place to keep your site and email safe!  When you have made repeated attempts to login to email or Cpanel with an incorrect login, you can trigger our server firewall and be blocked on the server. If this has happened, you won’t be able to access your website or email.

We can help you get unblocked and help reset your password if needed!

Please complete the form below if you have been blocked from access to either your website or your email. We carefully evaluate all requests and will not unblock any ip address that does not appear to be that of a valid user.

Your IP address of your current internet connection will be sent to us along with your contact details above. If you are now connecting from a different device or computer than the one you feel got blocked, you will need to send this form from there instead. We check every request carefully and verify that you have an account with us before unblocking.



Office Address

Phone: 519.457.3505 or toll free: 1.877.959.9969

Business Hours: 9am-5pm M-F.  

Technical support:  Please contact us via our contact form or give us a call during business hours. 

After Hours support:   Provided by email – please send your message via our contact form. If you have a very urgent request, you may call our emergency number at 519-494-4785.

Mailing Address:
The Net Now / Advanta Web Design
380 Wellington Street
6th Floor
London, Ontario   N6A 5B5


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